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New: Hetkinen Co at MellowOver!

New: Hetkinen Co at MellowOver!

Looking for non-toxic candles? We are adding a beautiful new brand Hetkinen Co from Finland! 

What is Hetkinen you ask? A lot of people have asked about the word "Hetkinen". Hetkinen is a Finnish word and it means to wait a minute in English. When the Finns are thinking about something, they usually say "Hetkinen".

In this time and age, we live day in and out in the hustle and bustle of going about in this hectic world. It is important to have a Hetkinen moment for yourself, to stop for awhile and calm down. For example, when you light a candle and slowly breath in the scent, this is a Hetkinen moment to yourself. Self love, and self care!

Hetkinen Co scents are inspired by the many forests, and saunas of beautiful Finland. With a philosophy of brining all natural, non-toxic candles to bring a piece of Finland to your home. 

Each candle uses 100% non GMO rapeseed and soy wax blend which contains spruce resin that burns cleanly and without emissions. Another beautiful detail of the candle is the wick! Finnish aspen wood is used for a hint of wood scent during burn time and a cozy fireplace feel right at home. Wood wick crackles while the gentle scent wafts through the space. Between using the candle, the melted wax creates beautiful layers in the candle, just like annual rings in a tree! Hetkinen Co is perfect for any nature lovers, or if you simply love a natural candle to bring calm to mind and space.

FUN FACT! Did you know that there are more saunas than cars in Finland? Finland is a beautiful place on Earth, populated with nature parks, Northern lights and starry night skies. Finland is also voted the happiest country in the world! Being contented is the key to happiness - hygge.

If you are looking for a nugget of zen in your life, look no further than Hetkinen scented candles. Minimal and a reminder that every moment is precious.  


 Made and poured in Finland.

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