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How to: Easy candle tunneling fix

How to: Easy candle tunneling fix

Noooo! The center of my candle is sinking in! How to resolve it?

Tunneling happens when a candle flame is extinguished after a very short period of time and only the surrounding areas of wick have melted. Instead of the wax harden to an even surface, it will appear as though a little sink hole appearing on the surface of the candle. Tunneling have to be resolved as once the wick deepens into the wax, the wick will become shorter with each lighting or the pool of wax might just flood the wick, preventing you from lighting up the wick. 

So, how to fix candle tunneling? Here are three methods you can try out!

1. Use aluminium foil

This is one of the most popular methods of melting the wax at the sides of the candle jar. 


1. Trim the wick 
2. Cover the top and sides of the candle with aluminium foil
3. Cut a small opening of the aluminium in the center part of the top of the candle
4. Remove the makeshift aluminium
5. Light the wick
6. Place the aluminium cover back on, becareful while doing this!
7. All the candle to burn until the tunneling wax have smoothed over.
8. Remove the aluminium cover and set candle aside to wait for melted wax to harden. 
9. Taadaa!

2. Candle warmer

Simply put it over a candle warmer to melt and even out the wax! Scents will be released, but its a rather safe method to even out the wax.


3. Hair Dryer method

Simply set your hair dryer to the lowest warm setting and go over the parts of harden wax at the side of the jar. Avoid having too much warm air at just one particular part of the wax. Take extra care while doing this to prevent warm wax spilling. 


Pro candle care tip: Make sure the wax melts to an even pool before extinguishing the flame during each burn time, this prevents candle tunneling. Now go forth and be zen, you've levelled up with this knowledge!


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