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Introducing: Boy Smells Secrete Garden

Introducing: Boy Smells Secrete Garden

Deep dive into Boy Smell Secrete Garden Spring 22' scents.

In Boy Smell's founder Matthew Herman's words, "The Secrete Garden Collection is about creating a personal space to cultivate your own truth. Each scent is filled with diametric notes of different personalities that juxtapose beautifully against each other.” That choice wasn’t made to simply give florals a unique twist, Herman continues; it’s also a commentary on the times... This collection embraces layers, complexities, and global perspectives, spun into entirely new accords for living.”

Say hello to three new scents like Damasque, Rosalita and Hackney Garden. 

Hackney Garden | This fresh, herbal delight is inspired by East London’s artistic Hackney neighbourhood. Traditional English garden notes of neroli and ivy mingle with the grittier east London notes of patchouli and vetiver into a lush, sensorial wonderland, set in the midst of the city’s edgiest borough.
FUN FACT! The scent of this spring candle also captures the technology of Phytogaia™, molecules emitted by forest trees proven to replicate the calming effect of nature.

Damasque | This rich intertwining of scent notes is just as luxurious as the woven Damask fabric for which it is named. Innocent accords of stone fruit mix with the weighted notes of Damascan rose, resinous labdanum and moody oud to create a dynamic and luxury candle scent that is optimistic, untamed, perfect for relaxing romantic settings, and works best as spa candles mood booster.

Rosalita | Rounding out the garden of this spring candle collection, with intertwining notes of Spanish cassis, saffron and leather with the sweet sting of Turkish rose petals. Joined by additional notes of amber and cedarwood, creating a candle scent that is somehow both a floral and woody escape to a modern Spanish grove. 

Now live on MellowOver Singapore! 
Available for a limited time only, with limited stocks.

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