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You may return a Bedfolks queen size mattress within 100 days from the date of delivery. We recommend that you sleep on your Bedfolks mattress for at least a month to let it adjust to the weight and shape of your body.

The return conditions are as follows,

- 100 day free trial only applies to Queen size mattress only.

- Products must be in donatable condition. (For example, no stains, tears, or other soiling including odors.)

- Only the original purchaser is eligible for a return.

- Customers may only return a maximum of 1 mattress per household. This will be validated by the shipping address or customer name.

- If one mattress has been returned from an initial order, the customer or shipping address will not be eligible for free trial on subsequent orders

- Only items at the original billing or shipping address will be eligible for the return

- You will be charged for the delivery cost of collecting the mattress for return.

- All returned mattress will be donated to charitable organizations, or disposed of responsibly. We never sell returned or used mattress. Please contact us at for the return. You do not need to return in the original packaging.

- Please ensure that all products packaged for return are clearly labelled with your name, postal address and order number and that, if you post a product to us, you obtain a proof of posting receipt.