Saltwater Jasmine

Saltwater Jasmine
All natural soy wax candles.

P.F. Candle Co

Quality home fragrance from sunny California.
P.F. Candle Co
All-natural coconut & beeswax blend.

Boy Smells

Transformative gender-neutral scents from LA..
Boy Smells

Hetkinen Co

100% Essential Oil, Rapeseed & Soy wax, all natural scents.
Hetkinen Co
P.F. Candle Co brand new scent

Wild Herb Tonic

Barefoot walks through wild herb gardens, cool mountain stream baths, crisp morning air.
Wild Herb Tonic
Soy wax candles.


Designed to set tone and warmth to your living space.


Elevate your living space with ambrosial scent profiles. Breathe in happy thoughts, and break away from the humdrum with self-care candles.

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Amber & Moss@calliemilly

Was so happy when I found out @mellowover carries one of my favourite scent from @pfcandleco! So hard to find this scent in SG! <3

@hotarulilyMoonrise Incense Cone

Some of my favourite discoveries this year is this Moonrise incense cones from @pfcandleco, brought in by @mellowover Yuzu, Indian jasmine and smoked cedar wood for a creative afternoon (tea is optional, but very much recommended!)


It smells really good even without burning/lighting it up. Got this from @mellowover! The scent when it burns really reminds me of being in a woodsy area after it rained. It's not as strong as I thought it would be, which is good for those who don't like overpowering scents.

@shanlync_Sunday Morning

Candles to calm your mind while we handle and face the current situation.

@simransapothecaryP.F. Candle Co

This is where @mellowover comes in. They stock one of my FAVOURITE candle brands of all time - @pfcandleco in Singapore! Their candles are made with soy wax and phthalate-free fragrance oils. So this means the scent is stronger, lasts longer and is still safe! And that packaging though. :)


This candle has been on my wanted list for a really long time becuase it didn't ship to Singapore and I finally saw it on @mellowover and GOT IT <3

@vanessavtohSmell us IRL

Escaped into @mellowover's peaceful scantuary of old and new. Met sweet, gentle kitty Shiro & spent the afternoon watching candle flames dance as we shared memories attached to the scents we gravitated towards. Thank you for the lovely afternoon <3

@theephemeraldariesSmell us IRL

Been on a scented candle buying spree and bought 3 candles from the lovely @mellowover. They allow for visits to their space to go on a sniffari and try all the products they stock! They are really friendly and prices are comparable or even cheaper than other online stocklists! Looking forward to buying more goodies from them soon!

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