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Introducing : P.F. Candle Co Soft Focus

Introducing : P.F. Candle Co Soft Focus

P.F. Candle Co's home state of California is an endless source of inspiration for them. How could it not be? Its varying landscapes and rich history provide a blank canvas on which they create memories while exploring its diverse pockets. During the concept development for this new candle collection, they tapped into recollections made while discovering this incredible state. These flashbacks felt like a motion picture, and the vivid yet hazy memories flowed back with only the standout details at the forefront. With this reduced contrast of fine detail, their memories became a blurred and dreamy film, leading them to the final concept: Soft Focus.

Soft Focus is a candle collection of olfactive memories with a dream-like recall when a scent strikes a chord. This collection includes three new scents inspired by iconic vignettes of California as seen through this cinematic, dreamy lens. The inspiration for each scent takes on a more vivid, colorful, and scenic tone; they are complex in a way that allows for personal interpretations and connections while channeling uniquely Californian moments & locations.

Soft Focus features a clean design with a high-contrast look. Its frosted glass jars radiate a soft glow that’s great for all spaces and can be styled in endless ways. This collection seamlessly compliments our other lines of home fragrance, not only aesthetically, but with its alluring accords that will allow you to customize your home fragrance approach.

The Scents

Citrus Daze | A lush, botanical scent that boosts energy and brightens the mood. Meant for morning routines and slow afternoons. Burn during the daytime.

Canyon Hideaway | A warm, woody scent that evokes nostalgia and tranquility. Meant for after-work wind downs and bedtime rituals. Burn after the sun sets.

Electric Surf  | An ozonic, smoky scent that evokes a euphoric, carefree feeling. Meant for living room lounging and good company. Burn to relieve stress and summon day-off vibes.

Live on MellowOver Singapore on 19th April! 
Same day launch as USA.


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