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Introducing: P.F. Candle Co Ojai Lavender

Introducing: P.F. Candle Co Ojai Lavender

Ojai is a small-town utopia surrounded by the Topatopa Mountains, just 14 miles east of the Pacific Ocean in Ventura County, California. Sprinkled throughout are citrus groves and lavender farms surrounded by grass fields, towering oak trees, and idyllic landscapes. The Chumash were Ojai’s first inhabitants, living there for thousands of years before European explorers arrived, and was renamed Ojai, a Chumash word meaning “the Nest” or “Valley of the Moon”.

For Los Angeles locals, Ojai is only a two hour drive from the city, and has become a go-to getaway for rest and relaxation. With an abundance of hiking trails, farm-to-table restaurants, tranquil boutique hotels, and laid back hang out spots, it’s a refreshing change of pace from the bustle of L.A. Ojai is also considered by many to be a vortex of energy, and the vibe is palpable throughout this small hippy town. With the famous “pink moment” – when the sunset washes the Topatopa Mountains in a warm, rosy glow during sunset – the good energy is undeniable.

We were heavily inspired by Ojai’s charm and the lush lavender farms and citrus groves. We took this inspiration and built on our original No. 07: Lavender fragrance. Ojai Lavender is invigorating, zesty, bright, and aromatic. It is designed to evoke halcyon days in the Ojai Valley by making us feel focused yet calm, relaxed yet energized, blissful and bright-eyed. This new scent shares notes like bergamot, lavender, and cedar found in our original No. 07: Lavender scent, however, we built on our original lavender fragrance with pronounced notes of pixie tangerine, coyote mint, and eucalyptus adding a green aroma to its citrus and herbal character.

We really wanted this scent to be transportive and revitalizing, so we aimed to capture those qualities of lavender through a California lens. We were inspired by the lavender festivals nestled among citrus groves in Ojai, and the calming vibe and natural landscape. Ojai Lavender encapsulates just that, it’s calming yet invigorating, with herbal and zesty notes adding balance and a nuanced complexity to its lavender base.


Ojai Lavender now available at MellowOver!

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