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It's candle szn!

It's candle szn!

It is finally candle szn! Think warm, cozy days and approaching holiday season with joy in the air! There are many new and upcoming candle releases from P.F. Candle Co, Brooklyn Candle Studio and Paddywax right at MellowOver, so keep an eye out!

P.F. Candle Co is on a roll with brand new scents with their inaugural autumnal collection. This year, the seasonal scents includes the all time favourite, Spiced Pumpkin, Spruce as well a sparkling new concoction - Persimmon Cider. When we first open the shipping boxes, we are blown away by the cozy scents emanating out.

Spiced Pumpkin is like taking a stroll down bakery alley -  a comforting swirl of cozy, warm notes like passing by a buttery cinnamon bakery. Breakfast at Tiffany come through! (Autumn ver.)

Spruce, a perennial favourite. Holiday season is incomplete without the classic fir tree scent. All bottled up in the P.F. Candle Co's famous amber jar, let notes of blue spruce, snow powder envelopes your home atmosphere!

Persimmon Cider, now what can I say about this scent? The epitome of autumn! A perfect jar of autumn captured in a scent. Falling burnt orange leaves, slower steps, fluffy blankets ( well not so much in Singapore, it's so warm here.) But you get it, bringing the coziness of autumn right to our abodes!

Speaking of candle season, P.F. Candle have brought back the snapped-up-really-fast olive jars of wintery goodness. An amazing compilation of seasonal hits this year - Mistletoe Special, Red Nutmeg & Peppercorn (2017) and Frankincense & Oud (2016). Specially brought back from the vault, do not miss them this time round! It took so many years till these scents surfaced again, I am personally enjoying them!

Mistletoe Special, you can, or don't necessarily kiss someone while this scent is lighted. Think family and friends gathering with festive laughter, twinkling lights - it brings another layer of happiness with notes of camphor, pine needles, spiced clove, cedarwood...divine!

Frankincense & Oud, ever want to go on a wintery desert trip? This candle transports you to said place. Aromatic and woody, it is the perfect seasonal scent that doesn't smell mainstream.

Lastly, Red Nutmeg & Peppercorn. You'd think peppercorn is a strange scent to put in a candle - but, it work wonders here! Think dried citrus garlands, hot coco drinks, boppy christmas songs in the background. A masterpiece of amber wood, crushed spices and winter berries sets the perfect holiday season atmosphere. 

Discover all these scents right here at MellowOver!

Seasonal scents are limited edition, while stocks last!


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