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NEW! Boy Smells Farm To Candle & Banana Pudding

NEW! Boy Smells Farm To Candle & Banana Pudding

Introducing Boy Smells latest magical scent concoction, FARM TO CANDLE. A smorgasbord of scents inspired by the earthy goods found in a humble farm, the notes created is of another universe. With three scents vine ripe and ready to blow your olfactive mind - breaking the boundaries of Summer bounty.

Green bell pepper is king. Crisp and slightly sweet, the robust aroma literally snaps of earthy accords. Dried cut vetiver and petitgrain kick, but never overpower the fruit’s natural sweetness, married with garden tuberose and hyacinth. It's a pleasant shock to the senses.

Rinder is a spontaneous date with earthly delights. This lush crush of juicy watermelon has a dark personality of spicy patchouli, fancy orris and cedar. Sweet enough to introduce to mom, but complex enough to keep you coming back.

Calling all far out foragers! Wet, wild and spicy, basil leaf and peppery mint are undercut by tall grass and stimulating eucalyptus. Stemmy ginger root gets tossed in for some added adventure. Chase the wave of tingling herbs.

The magic does not end here, Boy Smells have also collaborated with the deliciously famous New York City Magnolia Bakery to seduce us with a mouthwatering scent - Banana Pudding. Banana's never smelled this salacious! 

The best of Magnolia Bakery's iconic pudding, with an added smoldering sensuality. The creamy classic banana and notes of vanilla are softened, while moody undertones of burning guaiac and leather are turned up. Cardamom spice and elemi resin add a refined smokiness to this deliciousness. A sinful dessert, made even more sinful.

Discover all 4 wickedly good scents only at MellowOver. 


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